Inverse Fracture Prosthesis

In some fractures, the so-called rotator cuff can be affected: It is formed by four muscles that surround the joint like a sleeve, substantially contributing to its stabilisation. 

In cases where both a fracture and a defect of the rotator cuff are present, an inverse fracture prosthesis can be used. This implant combines the advantages of the inverse and fracture prostheses. Its design allows better freedom of movement than possible with regular fracture prostheses, while simultaneously splintered bone chips can be securely fixed.

The inverse fracture prosthesis can also be used as a revision implant: Fractures treated using regular fracture prostheses may not heal
as expected and adversely affect the rotator cuff. Then it is possible to produce relief by means of an inverse fracture prosthesis, with the objective of improved freedom of movement and alleviation of pain.