The following web pages on health topics are suitable sources of patient information. Their content is in general factually correct, based on reliable sources, well structured and comprehensible.

Mathys Ltd Bettlach
Swiss family-owned company manufacturing artificial joints since 1964.

Largest European online platform for healthcare professionals. Keyword search returns a great variety of results on individual medical terms, disorders etc.

Entry on osteoarthritis
An independent US health portal that has the consistent cooperation of 70 qualified doctors. Hidden behind its simple and factual design is a veritable feast of information on practically every conceivable illness, symptom, treatment and medicine – including a medical dictionary.

Up-to-date health information for both patients and doctors. The contents are based on the continual examination of new medical research results and studies by 500 medical practitioners worldwide on behalf of the renowned BMJ (British Medical Journal) publishing group. Access only within Great Britain or, alternatively, by using any UK post code.
A recommended privately operated health portal of one of the leading British providers of medical practice software. Contains a databank of 662 items of illness-specific patient information, contact addresses for self-help groups and an excellent list of additional subject-specific web links.

A service for patients provided by the United States National Library of Medicine. Includes, amongst other things, information on 650 health subjects, prescription and OTC drugs and a medical encyclopaedia. Noteworthy are the interactive tutorials: patient-friendly slide-shows on 165 different medical subjects and procedures, including orthopaedic operations.

Better Health Channel
Excellent health portal from downunder – provided by the government of the Australian state of Victoria. More than 1’700 contributions on health issues from A to Z, questions and answers, a list of doctors and clinics in Australia and much more. The only handicap: the pages sometimes tend to download rather slowly.

A multi-media website that is specially aimed at providing pre-operation information to patients – excellent and intuitive navigation. Short animations illustrate the causes of illnesses and individual operation procedures.

First-rate patient information service from the American Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS). Simple and clearly structured, this site delivers answers to all questions surrounding orthopaedic surgery in 2 mouse clicks.

UW Medicine
The website of the Department of Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine at the University of Washington – comprehensive and quality information for interested and highly involved patients. All contributions have details of the author as well as the date of the last update. The site also provides Quick Time movies of operation procedures and physiotherapeutic exercises.