Preparation at home

In the first days and weeks after your hospital stay, your daily life will pose a number of challenges – walking on crutches is something you need to learn.
Some things can be prepared at home before your hospital admission – they will make the first days after your discharge easier:

  • Remove rugs, electric cables and other obstacles your crutches may get caught in or may cause you to slip.
  • Place items of daily use (such as tableware, clothes, medications etc.) within easy reach. For moving around meals, a small trolley table is useful.
  • Bathroom and shower can be equipped with a variety of aids: handholds, slip-proof mats, toilet-seat boosters and a sponge with a long handle will make your daily body care much easier.
  • Medical supply shops offer general aids such as dressing sticks, grabbers, stocking pullers and other practical instruments. Such items can already be procured before hospital admission – the shops will be glad to advise you.
  • A cordless phone is useful: you can carry it around and don’t need to walk long ways to a permanently installed phone.
  • A flashlight next to your bed will prevent stumbling in the dark.
  • Home-delivered meals are available from local organisations (e.g. retirement homes, Red Cross etc.). Alternatively, meals can be pre-cooked and stored in the freezer so you will be spared burdensome kitchen work.