The cup

Like stems, hip cups are also available in various versions. They differ from each other in shape and surface as well as in the types of anchorage. In most cases, the following two types are distinguished:


Monobloc cup

In a monobloc cup, the shell and the inlay are permanently connected and already assembled. Some consist of a single piece – e.g. a polyethylene shell coated with titanium particles. Others are assembled before implantation and then implanted as a single piece.

Depending on the model, the monobloc cup can be implanted with cement-free or cemented anchorage.

Modular cup

The modular cup consists of two components that are implanted separately:

The shell is made of metal and is inserted into the pelvic bone first. The inlay is made of ceramic, metal or polyethylene and is inserted directly into the artificial cup afterwards. The inlay is fixated in the cup by means of conical clamping or snap lip connection.

Depending on the model, modular cups can be implanted with cement-free or cemented anchorage; some types are fixated in the pelvic bone with screws.